Constructor Service & Contracts - Machines & Mobile Racking

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Constructor Service & Contracts - Machines & Mobile Racking

Automated Storage Machines

It’s important to us that our Automated Storage Machines offer you optimum storage throughout their life time. It is critical that your Machine is regularly maintained to help prolong its life and reduce down time, resulting from damage going un-noticed. Scheduled servicing of your Machine by our accredited and qualified service team can provide the necessary support and assistance.

We understand how important it is that your Machine is operational at all times so in the unfortunate event of a breakdown you need peace of mind that we can get you operational as quickly as possible. Our remote support centre will respond instantly and attempt to resolve your problems. A team of qualified engineers are available 24/7 to help you minimse your down time. 95% of problems can fixed remotely but in the unfortunate event that you are the 5% we will get you an Engineer out to you as quickly as possible.

Please contact us to enquire more about the level of service we can provide you. Contact us on +46 31 771 96 00 or email us on


Mobile Racking

The benefits of Mobile Pallet Racking are huge and companies that make this investment understand the significant benefits it brings. Our aim is to help you protect your investment and keep your equipment operating in its optimum condition, and as safe as possible.

Constructor Engineers have extensive experience and are highly trained to service and inspect your Mobile Racking.

Mobile racking requires the electrical components regularly servicing and an annual inspections for the pallet racking. By working in close partnership we can support you throughout your equipment's life time so you don’t have to worry.

Please contact us to learn more about the benefits of Constructor Service. Contact us on +46 31 771 96 00 or email us on