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Tarkett, Sweden - Constructor Case Studies

Tarkett AB is part of the Tarkett Group selling floor products. The Swedish sales company promotes Tarkett floors and walls for both the domestic and public environment. In Sweden the floor products are manufactured in three factories: Hanaskog,  Broby (wooden floor) and Ronneby which produces homogenious plastic floors for the public environment.

Ronneby is the largest factory and from here Tarkett services Nordic countries with all floor items including the ones produced in Europe. The production from Ronneby is distributed World Wide. On a daily basis 300 tons of vinyl mats are distributed, the distribution warehouse in Ronneby has approx.13 000 pallet places, 7 000 for vertically stored and 6 000 for horizontally stored vinyl mats.

Tarkett and Constructor have a longstanding co-operation over more than 3 decades. During this time Constructor has delivered all the racking in the warehouse and also performed their annual rack inspections. As part of these rack inspections Constructor’s certified expert rack inspectors visit the warehouse once a year in order to check all the racking.

After each inspection any necessary repair and maintenance work, such as the replacement of an upright or a beam, is carried out. Constructor also carries out any repair work following Tarkett’s own inhouse inspections.

"We have chosen to let Constructor take care of both inspection and maintenance, because we see that they maintain a high service level. Furtheremore, any repair work resulting from an inspection is carried out quickly”, says Marcus Åkesson, Logistics Engineer at Tarkett AB.