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REMA, Norway - Constructor Case Studies

Inge-Peter Myrmoen who is IT, Safety & Maintenance Manager at REMA Distribunal Langhus told us about REMA’s co-operation with Constructor Norway: “On a daily basis we are carrying out inspections and measures related to security.

We believe that the psychosocial environment is affected positively by a good and safe working environment. Our employees must see that challenges related to their safety are instantly solved.

Expertise and repetitive training plus relevant information enable each employee to take an active part to influence their own and others' safety.
Constructor is for us an active sparring partner with a profound understanding of how important security is. Constructor is able to see the interaction between the high level of activity, human factors, truck driving and other influencing elements.

This is done in such a way that the company and employees see the importance we place on safety and how the business responds to it . Constructor shows a profound interest for safety challenges and is able to solve such challenges in a very good manner.