Onninen, Norway

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Onninen, Norway - Constructor Case Studies

A longstanding collaboration between Onninen and Constructor in the field of storage systems made the choice easy for Onninen when needing to find a supplier of services for warehouse safety and rack inspection.


Targeted work with rack security
Constructor has collaborated with Onninen about warehouse security and rack inspection since the impressive, new warehouse was built 4 years ago. Arild Aamodt, Head of Technology and Operations, says;
"I have a history in the world of racking having worked with Constructor for 20 years. Since Constructor supplied racking for our warehouse, it was natural to expand our cooperation to include rack inspection. When I started in my role here, we had a lot of rack damage. We were above the average number for damage and there was no cooperation between the warehouse and technical department. Those who had a rack collision resulting in damage, maybe did not dare to report this, so this was my first challenge".

"We wanted to create a positive trend in reporting damage. Anyone can accidentally do damage, but the important thing is to speak out immediately. I contacted all the warehouse managers and together we tried to analyse why these incidents occurred. It turned out that many of these were due to collisions. Truck drivers held regular meetings, where I began to attend. I told them that I had participated in a seminar on rack safety and explained the importance of reporting and repair. We have very high racking and a rack crash could be fatal. The new measures were quickly perceived positively. I was a little keen at first, but now we have a lot fewer collisions and when they do occur, people are quick to speak out".

With 75 employees and 30 trucks in a fast-moving warehouse, racks can easily be damaged.

Arild Aamodt concludes: "At first the inspections revealed numerous damages, including racks that were bolted together wrongly after their repair. We took it very seriously and went in depth to find all the errors. Where necessary the rack was replaced. Today we see that our employees are focused on safety every day and we have now achieved the attitude that we all play on the same team".


About Onninen

Onninen has its roots in Finland and started as a plumbing company. Over the years, the business has expanded with wholesale trade, ventilation systems, electrical equipment and other industrial products. Today Onninen operates in 8 countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Russia, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.