OCD Bardahl, The Netherlands

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OCD Bardahl, The Netherlands - Constructor Case Studies

Since 1958  OCD Bardahl have delivered high-quality lubricants (oil and grease), additives (fuel additives and oil additives), coolants and cleaning products for use in car, motorcycle, industry, agriculture and shipping.

Interview with Mr. Kooijman at OCD Bardahl

How did you hear about us?
Contructor Dexion was selected by us in the past to supply pallet racking.

Why inspect the racking and warehouse operation?
It is required by the Arbowet also we store dangerous substances

Why Dexion/Constructor?
Because they are also the supplier and therefore must perform possible repairs.

Are you satisfied?
Yes, no complaints. They give advice if there is a problem or damage.

What do you think of the recovery process (advice / offer / reparation, etc)?
I am satisfied, there are no complaints.

What do you think of the way in which repairs are done?
Good. Sometimes we do minor repairs or replacing of parts (which we have in stock) ourselves. Sometimes this is combined with an additional delivery or adjustment.

Advantage of inspection by Dexion/Constructor?
All in one place. Normally we would not do this (inspector and supplier the same) but here we see benefits