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Novozymes, Denmark - Constructor Case Studies

The world's largest manufacturer of enzymes is the Danish company Novozymes, which has customers worldwide and a market that is growing at high speed. Therefore, there is always a high level of activity in the warehouse, where DS/EN 15635 rack inspections, carried out by Constructor, helps maintain the highest level of safety.

Warehouse Manager Niels Svendsen explains "It is very reassuring that the security in our warehouse is always optimum. Then we can concentrate on the actual storage operation. Team leader, Poul Erik Olsen smiles. "We are not experts in storage solutions, so it is necessary to have contact with an expert who knows our warehouse from the top to the bottom".

"We have a good dialogue with Constructor and we contact them if a safety issue relating to our pallet racking arises. A small crack or a minor injury may look quite innocent, yet be dangerous and end with a collapse," explains Niels Svendsen.

"During the rack inspections we are often given ideas for better space utilization or for further improving safety e.g. we recently installed protection in front of the racking to protect them against impact from trucks. A simple and effective idea with extra reinforcement in a garish bright yellow colour - it is hard to overlook, "says Poul Erik Olsen.

"We must say that we are very satisfied with our cooperation with Constructor", concludes Niels Svendsen. "We are working in a busy, risky environment with 10 to12 meters to the ceiling, filled with pallet racking, narrow aisles and several forklifts and pallet lifting equipment constantly in activity", says Niels Svendsen.