Multiline, Denmark

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Multiline, Denmark - Constructor Case Studies

For several years Constructor Denmark has helped customers to carry out certified rack inspection . We have visited Multiline in Sorø and talked to Logistics Manager Kent Filt about the company's use of Constructor’s concept of rack inspection.

When did Multiline and Constructor enter cooperation on rack inspection?
We did this while the new central warehouse was built. The warehouse opened in early 2009.

What was the background for your decision to have external rack inspections in your warehouse?
This way we have an independent inspection. If we carry out rack inspection, I do not feel that it would be safe enough. With an external inspection it is a neutral eye looking at the racks, and the verdict is harder. So we are sure that the warehouse is controlled according to the current standards. What must be replaced will be replaced: it is uncompromising. For minor repairs we can choose whether and when it should be replaced. It's nice to have the dialogue with an expert in the field.

How heavy is the traffic in your warehouse?
We work two shifts with 46 employees, divided into day and evening shifts. We operate with picking trucks that perform both filling and pick. We have massive traffic in the entire warehouse of 9600 m2 and the terminal of 3000 m2. Our logistics is based on ABC location of products - partly to optimize driving distances, partly to spread traffic more appropriately.

How important is it to you that the rack inspection is followed by a report?
It is a must. We must demonstrate our security maintenance as an important part of our ISO 14401 certification. The annual audit is conducted by Danish Standard. When there is an internal Bunzl audit, we must also demonstrate that we do continuous inspection. It is random when the internal control takes place.

Have you at anytime had a dialogue/visit with the Labour Inspectorate about warehouse safety?
When building the warehouse, the Labour Inspectorate was involved in the initial phase. This was done through the consulting company, Crecea. We make much of the fact that we follow the relevant safety rules. At the screening, unannounced visit from the Labour Inspectorate which took place 6 months after the warehouse started operating, we got top marks including a recognition of our relatively high number of end protectors.

What benefits do you get from your cooperation with Constructor?
- Impartiality. When you have so many items on stock, at a height up to 16 meters, we have tight safety requirements. With the inevitable collisions, it is important that there is evidence that the racks were repaired. It gives you peace of mind.
- The inspection will be done professionally, it detects what the rest of us do not see.
- If a problem should arise, then I have the documentation in place. If I am challenged by individual employees, or an authority, it is important to me, being the responsible manager, that I can rely on the fact that the rack inspections are in order and the racking is safe.

Do you have routines for repair work following collisions?
The routine is that the person who makes the collision, reports the damage immediately to the warehouse manager. The warehouse manager then immediately evaluates the injury. Approximately every 3rd month, we need to replace the uprights.

We have a small stock of uprights and beams for the same purpose. At the same time as the damage is reported to Constructor, we clear the surrounding pallet racks of goods. Then typically repair work is carried out the following day, the upright is replaced and the goods are stored again. Regardless of the extent of the injury, it is always recorded in the protocol. The protocol is always available. The protocol is always handed over to the rack inspector on his arrival. Then he carries out the inspection and also sees what has been noted since his last visit.

Do you have internal staff trained for daily inspection of your racks?
No, we have guidelines from Constructor which we apply in case of a collison. It also applies in case of collision with upright / end protection.