Rack inspection is part of ISO measures

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Rack inspection is part of ISO measures

At GA Lindberg in Mölndal, Sweden the warehouse staff has a keen focus on warehouse safety. The company has expanded its warehouse over several stages and consciously works to ensure safe working conditions. The racks have been replaced successively and therefore the warehouse contains both old and new pallet racking.

GA Lindberg is headquartered in Kista outside Stockholm. The warehouse in Gothenburg was established in 1974 because of the proximity to the airfield and the local industry. GA Lindberg makes a wide range of industrial products, eg. glue, rust protection, lubricants and coatings. As a curiosity GA Lindberg produces the lubricating oil to the famous Hultafors ruler.

Since GA Lindberg stores chemicals and flammable liquids, the company is subject to specific safety precautions. With a high level of activity in the warehouse throughout the day, it is important to maintain a good condition on the racking. 

Warehouse Manager Jan Ekman explains: "It is important for us that rack inspection is followed by a written report. This report creates awareness of the problem of rack safety, and show how things work. The rack inspection report may result in replacement or repair work but once this has been done the case is closed. The cooperation with Constructor provides us with more advantages. The rack inspector has a profound knowledge of racking and current rules, and we can easily get a dialogue. We know that inspections are carried out regularly according to statutory regulations, and we do not need to remember when it's time again: Constructor is in charge of this".