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Danish Defence, Denmark - Constructor Case Studies

Forsvarets Materieltjeneste (FMT) is a division of the Danish Army. FMT provides and maintains many kinds of material and equipment for military authorities, including the Army, Navy and Air Force. FMT employs 2,400 people, and has more than 60 depots all over the country handling approx. 700,000 article numbers.

Colonel Jens Kofoed explains "We chose to enter into a co-operation with Constructor in order to have qualified and certified INSTA inspectors safety checking our pallet racking and shelving on each depot. After each inspection Constructor sends a report listing any repairs and/or upgrades needed to bring security to the top”.

“We have had a great partnership with Constructor who has thoroughly and professionally examined and upgraded all racking in accordance with the European standard DS/EN 15635. Therefore we now have sufficient evidence that the safety in our warehouses is in order” Jens Kofoed concludes.

Holger Thor Nielsen who was appointed project officer and responsible for the safety update continues “In connection to the rack inspection we have taken new security measures, for example we have installed truck end protection and upright protectors. In addition, we have installed tunnel guards for protection when driving under pallet racking. Another important thing is that now each pallet racking is equipped with a load sign, declaring type of shelf, dimensions and load capacity. So all our shelving and racking are certified and approved, and we are ready for any visit from the Labor inspectorate”.