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ABB Benelux, The Netherlands - Constructor Case Studies

ABB Benelux is the local representation of the global ABB group. ABB Ede helps to improve the performance of the utility companies, industrial customers and their end-users while they reduce the environmental impact.

Interview with Mr. Accouna at ABB

Why inspection of the racking/warehouse?
To ensure the safety of employees and to prevent damage.

Why Dexion/Constructor?
A representative of Dexion came to see us many years ago and we liked their proposal for new warehouse equipment. The equipment was installed and we liked the way Dexion handled this, the communication with them was very good. So naturally we wanted Dexion to inspect our warehouse as well.

Are you satisfied?
Yes. We are informed in advance when the inspection will take place. So I can inform the staff when the inspector comes along and also ensure that a truck is ready for the inspector to use when inspecting at height.

What do you think of the recovery process (advice / offer / reparation)?
I am satisfied how this is done. It is important that the actual repair work takes place shortly after we give the order to repair. If our equipment is damaged I believe this must be repaired quickly to ensure the safety of my team.

What do you think of the way in which repairs are done?
Very good, because I am informed in advance when the repair will take place. Also usually the same engineers do the work, they know the company and the employees of ABB know them.

I am very satisfied with the Inspections by Dexion.