Schuh Fashion Footware, UK

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Schuh Fashion Footware, UK - Constructor eCommerce

When Schuh needed to open a new southern RDC to cope with its rapidly expanding online business they turned to Dexion storage systems via their Approved Dexion Distributor, Complete Storage Interiors (CSI Group) and installed a two tier HI280 shelving system.


The challenge:

Since opening its first Schuh store in Edinburgh in 1981, Schuh now have 100 stores and a successful online presence in the UK and across Europe with a huge fan base on Facebook and Twitter. Over the years they have also won a number of awards; more recently in 2014 they won the Micros Grand Prix Golden Chariot Award for Delivery Excellence.

It was this wanting to preserve their customer’s satisfaction with their delivery service, that led to Schuh’s investment in a southern distribution centre.

Located behind a large retail store in the New Square shopping precinct, West Bromwich, the distribution centre organises the delivery of shoes ordered online and ensures a 24hour delivery time for the whole of the UK.

It was then down to Complete Storage Interiors (CSI), an Approved Dexion Distributor, to make the most of the available space. Separate storage areas were required, keeping the stock for the retail shop separate from the RDC’s stock for online purchases, while areas that provided for administration and packing also needed to be included.


The solution:

To make the most of the available height in the storage area CSI designed a HI280 two tier shelving system 6 metres high, with open grid walkways and mezzanine flooring supported on back to back shelving.

This provided the greatest number of storage locations and utilised a shelf supported mezzanine floor. The alternatives would have been, either a high bay shelving system which would have required expensive and time consuming access equipment or an independent mezzanine floor with shelving above and below, but this would have lost vital storage space to floor beams and services.

CSI also installed a Goods Lift, a Chute for dispatches and Packing Benches on the mezzanine level.



Product: Two Tier HI280 shelving with open grid walkways (chipboard in some locations) a total of 415 bays of shelving
Overall Height: 6000mm
Bay width / shelf depth: 900mm & 1000mm bays all 300mm deep
Metres of shelving: approx. 4,300 linear metres of shelving