Bosch Animal Feed, Germany

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Bosch Animal Feed, Germany - Constructor eCommerce

With the expansion of their product range Bosch animal feed required an expansion and modernisation of their production facilities. In addition to the production building, a 4,000m2 warehouse and shipping centre was planned. The capacity required several thousand Euro-pallet spaces. 

The warehouse needed a cost effective combination of conventional pallet racking and using modern control technology to allow the shortest access time to palletised goods. A solution for the transfer of palletised finished goods from the plant to the warehouse for dispatch was also required.

The Solution

Dexion developed a new concept for a semi-automatic production warehouse. The solution used components of a conveyor system with P90 pallet racking and the DILOS warehouse management system. 

In the production building the palletised goods began with shrink-wrapping and an elevator ride up to an electrically powered conveyor track. On this powered track the pallets pass a MOVO racking system in which packaging materials and brochures are taken up to the turning station in the new building.

The vast majority of pallets pass through the lifting station to one of three levels. There, the pallet will be accepted by a traversing carriage and transported to the predetermined flow channel. However, before reaching the lifting station pallets can be added or removed manually. 

What is unusual about the solution is the continuous transport of goods by gravity roller conveyors. Pallets move into the intended position thanks to gravity alone. The built-in brake rollers ensure a constant speed of 2 metres per second.

Up to 600 pallets per day are now loaded, weighing up to 100,000kg in total.


Storage capacity in the Pallet Flow Rack: 4908 Euro-pallets
No of Pallet Flow Channels (35 m length): 48 at 3 levels
Capacity per roller conveyor (long): 27 Euro-pallets
No of Pallet Flow channels (22 m length): 20 at 3 levels
Capacity per roller conveyor (short): 17 Euro-pallets