Different articles require different storage solutions

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Different articles require different storage solutions

BilligCamping.dk had their full focus on space exploitation when the company moved to new premises in Horsens. Using various storage solutions from Constructor has made it possible for them to store articles of many different sizes while maintaining a good overview. 


The business of the company is highly seasonal, with a peak period from April to late August, during this period, 10,000 plus packets are sent.  

With 2,500 active part numbers of highly variable sizes and weights, different storage solutions were required. The pallet racking stores larger items, while the cantilever is used for long goods such as awnings. The very small items are stored in shelving, some in cartons others in cardboard boxes. 

Number of pallet places:  160
Load capacity:  2500 kg / beam level 
Number of shelf metres: 148 
Load capacity: 140 kg / shelf
Height of cantilever racking: 2120 mm 
Number of levels:  4
Load Capacity:  350 kg / branch

BilligCamping.dk was founded in 2003 with both a physical store and a webshop. The physical store, however, was discontinued when the company moved into new premises. Billigcamping.dk aims to provide everything in camping accessories to their customers. Among the many brands available are Outwell and Easy Camp.