Alternate, Germany

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Alternate, Germany - Constructor eCommerce

After outgrowing the previous 5,800m2 logistics centre, ALTERNATE decided to dramatically increase the space used for storage, picking and shipping.

The new logistics centre had to include a storage area of approximately 8,000m2 and offices with an area of around 1,800m2. The storage area was also to incorporate rooms for technical service processing, furnished with a suitable interior finishing. 

The solution

In collaboration with ALTERNATE, Dexion delivered and assembled the three required components within the ambitious timetable: pallet racking system plus a mezzanine and an interior design solution.

In the 11 aisles of the new static high bay pallet racking, employees with hand pallet trucks remove the products. Forklift trucks communicate via Wi-Fi with the warehouse management system to display the next item to be removed. Removal is conformed with a hand-scanner, and the delivery note and label are printed automatically.

Immediately adjacent to the pallet racking storage, Dexion has built a two-storey mezzanine with a high partition system. Spread over three levels, office and desktop hardware is checked and prepared for shipment.

An integrated service lift (for up to 100kg) allow larger quantities of goods to be transported quickly and easily by forklift truck from the high-bay warehouse directly to the office level.

The interior of the adjacent 1,800m2 office complex includes an eye-catching MetaLine partition with double glazing and aluminium frames.



Height: 10m
Pallet spaces: 10,000
Field width: 3,600/1,800mm
Pallet weight: 500kg
Field load: 8,000/6,000kg



Height: 14 m
Levels: 3
Total area: 975 m2 (325 m2 per level)
Integrated service lift (up to 100 kg)


The ALTERNATE Computerversand  GmbH is the leading German online provider of hardware, software and consumer electronics. Residential and business customers throughout Europe order by phone or via a country-specific ALTERNATE webshop and are usually supplied within the next business day. All products in the 25,000 product range are picked and shipped in the state of the art logistics centre in the Hessian town of Linden.