E-Commerce - Optimised Storage for a Dynamic Environment

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Meeting short delivery times and responding to the service levels your customer demands

The level of online shopping expands each year and the e-commerce sector is rapidly growing. Businesses now need to offer short delivery times, have a low error rate and provide excellent service levels. Traditional retailers and new online businesses are challenged to have a sales process and storage method to meet these demands and their customers’ high expectations.

Simple, streamlined ordering procedures and effective return routines are essential for your business to be successful, combined with a consistent and well-functioning logistics system. The E-commerce industry requires storage solutions that can easily adapt to changes in demand in terms of volume and stock profile whilst ensuring quick access to keep up with this fast market place.

Some of the challenges faced by our E-commerce customers include:

  • Quick dispatch times need an accurate, high speed picking solution
  • Product lines can change frequently
  • Stock control needs to be monitored continually
  • Seasonal influences should be considered
  • Returned products must be dealt with
  • Security is a concern, particularly with high-value items


Whether you are searching for automated storage or an efficient solution for hand-picking operations, our combination of products can be combined or tailored to meet the requirements of online retailers and distribution centres.

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Automated Storage Machines

Automated Storage Machines - Increase your picking rates

Being a reliable on line retailer needs a fast and accurate delivery process to earn the trust of the well-researched online shopper. Constructor can help make this a great deal easier.

Constructor offers a range of Storage Machines that can automate your operation and either work alone or alongside your existing static storage. By introducing a storage machine it can reduce your picking errors significantly which means less returns from unhappy customers. With a built in WMS function that can easily connect to your existing WMS or ERP it provides the optimum solution for goods traceability and the added option of restricting access for certain goods, to trusted employees. Introducing a machine to your operation can help you significantly improve your service level and help reduce your overall operating costs.

  • Reduction of picking errors by up to two thirds
  • Reduce picking time, remove unnecessary walking between pick locations
  • More accurate stock inventory and usage can be monitored
  • Easy to use and connect to ERP and WMS with TC2000
  • Saves up to 70% floor surface

Read more about our Storage Machines and WMS»

Fast hand picking operations

The flexible design of the HI280 Shelving range is ideal for the constant changing demands of an on-line retailer. This modular shelving system can be designed and constructed to exactly meet the challenges faced by a hand picking operation, with the ability to adjust and extent as your business grows.

Ranging from single-tier solutions to mobile and multi-tier options, our shelving range can be perfectly tailored to meet existing requirements, with the ability to be adapted to a growing business. This means your single tier shelving can become converted to a multi-tier solution as your stock profile changes and your customer’s buying patterns alter. This flexibility allows you to get the most from your investment and make it work for you. 

  • Galvanised shelving system for increased durability
  • Fast access to the stored goods
  • Range of accessory to customise your shelving system
  • Adaptable to future needs thanks to flexible design

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Neat and efficient storage of small parts is essential

To keep your stock rotated correctly a picking station can be constructed using roller tracks that are installed at an angle to allow the transportation of cartons to the assembly station using gravity. This solution needs no manual intervention or automation.

Carton flow tracks are also ideal in warehouses to enable loading of goods at the rear of the racking and unloading at the front face, this product enables a company to operate using a FIFO picking method (First In First Out). Carton Flow is suitable for the transfer of cartons, this method of picking is also available for pallets, see Pallet Flow for more details.

Read more about Carton Flow here.

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Wide range of accessories:

Various accessories make it easy to adapt your storage solution and accommodate goods with different or unusual dimensions or simply help you to get more organised.

With a wide variety of storage options available to the e-commerce industry our broad collection of accessories will help accommodate even the most unusual storage challenge.

Pallet Racking Systems for heavier loads

Pallet racking is the traditional method of warehouse storage but the design can significantly alter how your stock is picked, the ease of access and stock rotation methods.

E-commerce customers can often have a number of different solutions within a single warehouse to reflect the different picking and storage requirements.

Ideal storage solutions for heavier loads:

Pallet Racking Pallet Racking - Deep Store Pallet Flow Mobile Pallet Racking
Wide Aisle Pallet Racking
Unrestricted access to all pallets and suitable for all types of storage needs, with no significant restrictions to the pallet size or dimensions.
Drive-In or Pallet Shuttle
Ideal for storing large quantities of the same type of goods.
Pallet Flow
A gravity fed roller system that move pallets to the front face without the need for automation. Ideal for stock rotation challenges. 
Mobile Pallet Racking
Saves up to 40% of the space needed by wide aisle pallet racking by removing unnecessary access aisles. Racks electronically move along floor rails to create the required picking aisle.


Click here for a comparison of the different Pallet racking systems, make sure you get the right one for your warehouse. 

A selection of our Customers within the E-commerce industry:

  • Ocean Textile Group, Denmark

    Ocean Textile Group, Denmark

    With pallet racking we increased our storage capacity, and the pallets are fully accessible which enhances picking time. All in all, this solution provides us with better logistics.

  • Staples, Germany

    Staples, Germany

    Staples is the world’s largest dealer of office equipment. Their German customer’s are supplied from an ultra modern distribution centre in Waldlaubersheim, we provided the storage equipment

  • Alternate, Germany

    Alternate, Germany

    After outgrowing the previous 5,800m2 logistics centre, ALTERNATE decided to dramatically increase the space used for storage, picking and shipping.

  • Schuh Fashion Footware, UK

    Schuh Fashion Footware, UK

    Schuh installed a two tier HI280 shelving system to cope with its rapidly expanding online business.

  • Reference - Schneider Electric, Sweden - Constructor Storage

    Schneider Electric, Sweden

    Schneider Electric is one of the worlds leading companies within energy effectivness. Turnover world wide is 20 billion euros and the group have 120,000 employees.

  • Netthandelen Norge - Narrow aisle pallet racking - Constructor

    Netthandelen, Norway

    Due to fast growth Netthandelen Norge built a new 13000 m2 warehouse, including 11200 m2 storage area using Narrow Aisle Pallet racking from Constructor.

  • Lindex, Sweden

    Lindex, Sweden

    LINDEX managed to optimize their warehouse through a series of simulations and analysis.

  • Jula postorder - Pallet racking & Shelving system - Constructor

    Jula Postorder, Sweden

    The latest investment is an expansion of 56000 pallet locations, and they used Constructor pallet racking P90.

  • Bosch Animal Feed, Germany

    Bosch Animal Feed, Germany

    The warehouse needed a cost effective combination of conventional pallet racking and using modern control technology to allow the shortest access time to palletised goods.

  • Billigcamping, Denmark

    Billigcamping, Denmark

    The main advantage of the various storage solutions is that we make the most use of the space available, says owner Bjørn Sahl.

  • Atlet AB, Sweden

    Atlet AB, Sweden

    Atlet’s plant has three intenal warehouses, one for incoming components, an intermediate parts warehouse and a finished goods warehouse.

  • Arc E-commerce, Sweden

    Arc E-commerce, Sweden

    Constructor has provided a dynamic solution to Outl1.se, in Stockholm, for the storage and handling of all merchandise sold via the Internet. The Pallet Shuttle System was the ideal answer for them, when we learnt how their business operated.