Constructor TyreTower


Constructor TyreTower

TyreTower is an efficient Paternoster solution for storage of tyres where space is limited.

TyreTower is produced in Finland and developed specifically for storage of tyres under nordic conditions. It requires limited space and can even be delivered with roof and walls for outdoor placement. This could prevent you having to expand your premises.

The TyreTower makes handling tyres easier and more efficient. The simple operate will not require any training of personell and the solutions can be taken into use directly after the installation.


Constructor TyreTower

Dimentions (netto):

Width: 4,2m / 5,2M
Height: 8,1m / 6,2m
Depth: 3,2m
Engine: 4kW (3 phase 16A)
Certification: CE



Tyre dim. 680mm: 80 sets
Tyre dim. 780mm: 50 sets