Constructor installs a tyre storage solution for Møller Bil

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Constructor installs a tyre storage solution for Møller Bil

Møller Bil in Oslo Vest are an Audi dealership who dreamed of building an Audi concept store. After 20 years the new premises of Møller Bil have now been realised. The Møller Bil building is special,  because it is circular and covers five floors. With an impressive tyre tower paternoster running through multiple floors, allowing Møller Bil to store up to 350 sets of customer tyres at any one time. 

Møller Bil had long been looking for the right location, to open a new Audi concept store which needed the approval of Audi Group HQ, as particular standards need meeting when designing such stores. Audi’s ideology behind these concept stores is that customers should have the same buying experience, whether a customer purchases an Audi in Dubai or in Oslo Vest. However, the very high property prices in Oslo made it crucial for Møller Bil to maximise all available space to its fullest, whilst making a company statement.

The land which Møller Bil built on was not ideal for construction, they therefore had to blow away rock to depths of 14 metres, to lay the foundation for the extraordinary circular building.

The basement floor was specifically designed for the storage of demonstration cars and the display of new cars, it also included a car wash and an area where new cars were prepared for delivery. The second lower basement level served as customer parking, including charging stations for electric cars. The lower floor provided a garage and was home to a team of twenty mechanics, while the ground floor hosted the reception and sales department. The top level was for Audi Approved Plus used car sales, and running through multiple floors of this circular building was the tyre tower.

Constructor Norway was involved in this project from the beginning, to apprecaite the unusual circular building for Møller Bil which did not follow convential workshop formats and needed to offer a tyre storage picking system with picking points from multiple floors.

With a footprint of only 35 m2 and a height of 8 metres Constructor was the only supplier able to offer a solution offering reasonable storage capacity compared to available space.

Number of paternosters:
Height: 8370 mm 
Width: 3890 mm
Depth: 2650 mm
Number of trays: 15 x 2
Shelf metres: 50.7 x 2


About Møller Bil

Møller Bil is Norway’s largest car dealership with 41 distribution centres and 9 claim centres located across the country. The brands carried are Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda. Møller Bil has 2,090 employees.