Baan Twente, The Netherlands

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Baan Twente, The Netherlands - Constructor Tyre Storage References

The building belonging to Baan Twente, an official Mercedes-Benz dealer, became a true eye-catcher as Dexion delivered a warehouse solution with personalized design. By installing a mezzanine floor on top of the shelving, Baan Twente achieved more storage capacity at a lower cost.

Mezzanine Floor

In their expanded, renovated building they needed storage solutions for the warehouse, the workshop and of course the showroom. Dexion was invited to supply an efficient solution for all three rooms. The proposal from Dexion was to place a mezzanine floor on top of the shelving instead of a constructional floor. This resulted in more storage capacity at a lower cost.

Design interior

The warehouse was equipped with HI280 shelving, HI280 tyre racks and a desk. In addition, the mezzanine floor was installed above the workshop. Next to the classic car showroom tyre racks were installed. These tyre racks were equipped with high resolution decorative panels, which were a real eye-cather for visiting customers as these were visible from the showroom. The shelf racks were also supplied in Baan Twentes blue corporate identity color to give a personalized look to the showroom.


  • Efficient storage of tyres
  • More storage capacity at a lower cost due to the mezzanine floor
  • Personalized look with design panels and shelves delivered in the blue corporate identity color of Baan Twente
  • Desk at ergonomic working height

Products supplied

HI280 Longspan Shelving, HI280 tyre racks, HI280 Shelving, accessories and a mezzanine floor with light.