Auto Dijksman, The Netherlands

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Auto Dijksman, The Netherlands - Constructor Tyre Storage References

Dexion devised an efficient solution for Auto Dijksman: a detached mezzanine floor with space on tope for the storage of tyres (in a HI280 tire rack or loose) and space underneath for other uses.


Dijksman was founded in August 1930 and at the end of 1974 they decided to become a Mitsubishi dealer. In a high tempo, the brand established itself on the Dutch market. In 2003 the growth of the business grew through a takeover of the dealership for Mazda. A year later, in February 2004, Hyundai joined them so there were now three brands within Dijksman in various segments.

External hall

The demand for winter tyres is growing each year due to the colder winters and stricter regulations in the surrounding countries. Auto Dijksman rented a hall for external storage of its winter and summer tires, but wanted to look after these tyres more efficiently, within their own premises. Constructor / Dexion was approached by Auto Dijksman to work together to search for a solution for efficient storage of their tyre stocks.

First visit, complete solution

During the first visit Constructor / Dexion immediately came up with a good solution: a freestanding floor where tires can be stored on top of the floor and occasions can be placed underneath the floor. Not only was a solution devised, but also a drawing and calculation were made on the site. By directly offering a final solution the choice for Auto Dijksman was not difficult. They liked this good and fast action, so they gave similar agreement for the assignment.
This made it possible to quit renting the external hall and simultaneously no floor space has been lost within the existing building.

HI280 tire racking

After the mezzanine floor was installed, there was also need for a number of sections HI280 tyre racks, so the tyres could be conveniently stored, with a possibility to expand in the future. with this storage progect so the expertise of Constructor / Dexion in tyre storage was developed.