Mobile Tyre Storage


Mobile Tyre Storage

Both HI280 Tyre Racking System and P90 Pallet Racking System can be put on mobile bases. Mobile tyre racks significantly increase the storage space compared to traditional methods and is ideal when floor space is limited or rates per m2 are high.

  • Electronic or manual drive systems
  • Compact storage
  • Fast access
  • Scalable up to very large installations

HI280 Mobile Tyre Racking

The mobile HI280 shelving system can be mounted on existing floors making it an easy and cost efficient option.

Both manual or electrical drive systems can be selected. The electrical version makes it even easier to access your tyres and has the possibility of limiting access by requiring a code to open the aisle. 

P90 Mobile Racking System (MOVO)

The MOVO system is ideal wherever a large amount of tyres need to be stored, such as in workshops that handle the exchange of winter and summer tires.

The electronically controlled MOVO heavy-duty mobile racking system runs on embedded rails and can carry bay loads of up to 24 tons at racking heights of up to 12 metres.

Variable control options ensure ease of use and when the individual aisles are open, state-of-the-art sensor technology guarantees absolute safety.

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