Tyre Storage Solutions

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"Our tyre storage solutions are all about storage efficiency, quality and ergonomics"

Optimal storage of tyres is about obtaining the maximum amount of tyre storage in the available space without affecting the quality of the tyre - while ensuring efficient and ergonomic handling, through all seasons.

Tailor-made solutions - from a small shelving system for the local used car dealer to an automated high-rise rack installation for the international tyre manufacturer. It needs to be flexible enough to precisely fit whatever height, depth and width available.

Quick Guide to our Tyre storage solutions:

  Vertical Tyre Storage Horizontal Tyre Storage
Limited Storage space Sufficient storage space Manual Handling
Handling Equipment Stillage Storage
HI280 Shelving        
HI280 Mobile      
P90 Pallet Racking          
P90 Pallet Racking          
Mobile Pallet Racking  
P90 Tyre Rack            
Tyre Tower Paternoster