Hospital Pharmacy Dresden, Germany

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Hospital Pharmacy Dresden, Germany

The Horizontal Carousels (HOCA) significantly improved the storage of small products and the overall picking process at the hospital in Dresden, Germany.

A new building complex at the Dresden-Friedrichstadt hospital enabled the modernization of the old hospital pharmacy were the pharmacists had to search far for medicines, medical products, medical supplies and laboratory diagnostics for about 100 hospital services with approx. 1,600 beds.


4 Horizontal Carousels (HOCA), adapted exactly to the low ceiling height, equipped with Dexion Warehouse Management System and connected to the central Host system allow simultaneous operation of 15 orders by one operator at the same time. A special glass door covers the access area of each horizontal carousel for maximum safety. By confirmation of the article by Pick-by-Light-Display the respective door opens and allows access to the requested articles.


Stored goods: medicines, medical products, medical supplies and laboratory diagnostics
Items: approx. 3,500
Storage capacity: 565 m²
Machines: 3 horizontal carousels with 42 bays each, 1 horizontal carousel with 34 bays
Length: 20 m and 16.5 m
Height: 2.5 m
Width of the entire system: 9.5 m
Payload: 25,000 kg per horizontal carousel