VDS Food – fresh and frozen food distribution

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VDS Food – fresh and frozen food distribution

VDS-Food is a Belgium wholesaler of food products to over 5000 restaurants and large kitchens, and has made a name for itself delivering both fresh and frozen food products.

After recent expansion they now have 3 distribution centres with a shop at each. In Brussels there is a store of 2000 m², in Liege a store of 6000 m² and in Waver a new store of 3900m2. It was the store in Liegewhere we helped to save space with our dense Mobile Pallet racking (MOVO) and dynamic shelving storage solutions. While the store in Waver was fitted out with P90 racking and special HI280 shelving.


At their warehouse in Liege VDS Food wished to make the most of the space within their freezer store to capitalize on the cost of running such an installation. In order to maximize the use of this space we installed a mobile pallet racking solution – MOVO, enabling as much food as possible to be stored within the freezer, keeping running costs to a minimum.

Elsewhere in the ambient section of their Liege store our HI280 shelving solution and P90 standard pallet racking was used to store alcohol and general food stuffs.

Carton Flow on a P90 frames was used to create a dynamic picking area within a chilled room and low level P90 pallet racking was used to create a central display area for fresh produce and alcohol.

At this store in Liege there are over 7000 product lines.

In Waver the client wanted painted HI280 system with perforated shelves; this was used to create an attractive picking area for the public.


General store

P90 Pallet racking: 800 pallet positions
HI280 shelving: individual bottles and packets
P90 benches: display and storage of alcohol and general goods

Freezer room

MOVO Mobile pallet racking: 1,000 Pallet positions