Proactive planning saved time and money for Linkosuo Ltd

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Proactive planning saved time and money for Linkosuo Ltd

Who has not tasted the Tampere-based Linkosuo bakery rye button or rye crisps. They are now stored in heavy-duty mobile pallet racking.

When Linkosuo dry bread bakery warehouse was built in the early 2000’s , had the leadership already a clear vision of developing and extending the dry bread production. At that time, we proposed that they should mountain the racking rails to the floor for future use. This enabled them to add pallet places in future if needed. This is made possible by the fact that Constructor pallet racking can be installed both on the floor and on mobile bases on rails.

- This idea was eagerly leaped at Linkosuo. Extra cost for the installation of the rails was not at that time very big, says Linkosuo Warehouse Manager Timo Aho. The entire warehouse was designed in the first place for future expansion in mind. 

The racking was designed so that the mobile bases fit exactly to the rails. Now when the dry bread bakery sector has grown to a main product and the warehouse remained hopelessly cramped, they achieved over 65 % more pallet places after transferring to use Movo Mobile Pallet Racking instead of the traditional pallet racking.

It took only three weeks to disassemble the old racking and reassemble it again on mobile bases. The productivity has improved greatly and errors in practice eliminated.

- The project went very well, time schedules were carefully considered and installers really effective. Constructor and Intolog handled the case well, summed Timo Aho satisfied.


Height 7,3 m
Number of pallet places 1938 pcs
Number of trolleys 9 pcs
Trolley length 16,55 m
Trolley load capacity max 80 t
Control IFM Ecomat