Mobile Pallet Racking in frozen coldness at Hahkaway warehouse

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Mobile Pallet Racking in frozen coldness at Hahkaway warehouse

HahkaWay Ltd provides a frozen logistics services to its customers. Products are stored on our Mobile Pallet Racking at a constant temperature of -22º C to maintain the condition of the food while it is stored.

Before the building was built, there were many warehouses across the country with frozen products in them. The company wanted to rationalise their logistics and the processing of raw materials, saving in the process many kilometres being travelled and wasted energy consumption.

The logistics centre was designed and implemented by Constructor Finland Oy. The management of space and pallet storage is effectively used and aisle space is minimised with the MOVO Mobile Pallet Racking solution.

The Solution

Mobile pallet racking is placed on both sides of the warehouse with a central aisle down the middle. There are then eight separate groups of mobile pallet racking with four or five mobile bases/trolleys each 28 metres long. At the entrance to the warehouse there are two conveyors to transfer the goods from the frozen storage out to the transport terminal.

Low temperature storage keeps their food and ingredients fresh. The frozen Storage temperature is constantly at -22 degrees centigrade. Two computer systems make sure that the temperature remains consistent at -22. While the heat-generating effect of lighting is minimised with the lights only coming on when an aisle in the mobile racking is opened, the rest of the hall remains dark. 


Height 9,3 m
Number of pallet places 16.000 pcs
Load capacity/pallet 200 -1000 kg
Trolley length 28 m
Trolley load capacity 240 t
Control IFM Ecomat


HahkaWay Ltd is a logistics services company that provides its services using the latest technology, so that deliveries take place at the right time and place.
Their service covers the entire logistics chain, from picking, packaging, storage and transportation to order control and invoicing. The capacity of HahkaWay frozen logistics centre makes it Finland's largest mobile racking frozen storage centre. Customers' products are frozen and then stored in the warehouse.