B. Volwater & Zonen B.V., Netherlands

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B. Volwater & Zonen B.V., Netherlands - Constructor Food and Drink Industry

When Volwater & Zonen decided to extend their storage capacity for their canned and tinned food production, they opted for the shuttle system.

This provided the kind of dense storage they were already used to with Drive-in racking, but enabled them store a greater mixture of products at a higher density than they ever did with the Drive-in system.


Type of goods stored: Food jars and cans
Type of operation: LIFO
Pallet dimensions: 1200 x 800 & 1200 x 1000
Pallet weight: 1000 kg / 1250 kg
Pallet height: 1450 mm
Size: 54 lanes, up to 20 pallets/1080 pallet positions