Storage Solutions for the Fish / Freeze Industry

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Store your fish and frozen products efficiently

The EU seafood industry is a vital contributor to the European economy which has seen substantial growth over the years, today it generates almost 500 billion a year.

The industry strives  to develop modern, efficient and sustainable seafood production and storage. One key challenge shared by the aquaculture industry and the fishing fleet relates to logistics. Most seafood consumers are located far away from where the marine products are bred or caught. Therefore seamless and efficient storage and logistics is crucial to a modern seafood industry when providing seafood to a global market.

The challenges faced by the fishing industry means that the industry requires storage solutions that provides quick access which can be easily adapted to constantly changing stock profiles, in this fast moving environment. 

There are many people responsible for getting the fish to your plate and we are proudly playing our part in it.

Some of the challenges faced by our fish industry customers include:

  • Fast moving and perishable goods require different storage methods
  • Seasonal influences should be considered
  • Chilled and frozen goods may need accommodating under one roof
  • FIFO (First-In First-Out) stock management
  • Product traceability and hygiene need to be considered
  • Moving bulky items with varying weights


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Increase storage capacity with mobile pallet racking

Mobile pallet racking, MOVO, can increase storage capacity considerably.

Pallet Racking is mounted on mobile bases that electronically move to create an access aisle for picking. Cold store environments can be costly to run, so a dense storage solution is usually required. Mobile pallet racking offers an ideal solution to this problem that is commonly used in the Food Industry.  


Benefits with Mobile pallet racking:

  Maximum use of floor space

  Access to individual pallets

  High density storage

  Requires only one truck aisle

  Temperature range between -30°C and +40°C


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Achieve First In First Out storage with Pallet Flow

Pallet Flow is suitable for FIFO storage where goods have a high turnover and require fast access.

Pallets are placed on sloping storage lanes and gravity moves the pallet forward along a roller bed. The speed of the pallet is controlled by a series of brake rollers and halted by a stop unit. This type of storage is frequently used in the drinks industry and requires only two aisles, one for loading and one for retrieval. 


Benefits with Pallet flow:

  Up to 60% less floor space than conventional racking

  Automatic stock rotation

  FIFO load and retrieval method only requires two aisles

  High speed operation


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A selection of our Customers within the Fish / Freeze industry:

  • Brødrene Sperre, Norway

    Brodrene Sperre, Norway

    Brødrene Sperre recently centralised their deep freezer storage facilities into a large central warehouse in Ålesund.

  • ASKO Vest AS, Norway - Pallet flow racking - Constructor

    ASKO Vest AS, Norway

    ASKO moved into a new building which required a customised pallet racking solution to store their frozen, chilled and dry grocery products.

  • Scan-Mar AS, Norway

    Scan-Mar AS, Norway

    Scan-Mar AS changed from Static to Mobile Pallet Racking increased the number of pallet spaces by 70%, without having to expand the building.