Electronic components Storage


Electronic components Storage

Storage of sensitive products and components like electronics often demand special storage environment and special storage equipment. This is a fact due to the high risk of destruction when components are exposed for static electricity and dusty environment which can destroy the functionality of the products.

We have developed and tested a storage concept taking these facts into consideration. The product range is developed based on our experience and scientific evaluations of utilization and materials.

Electronics has over time become every day products in all segments of the market. Consumer as well as industrial. A storage system designed to store electronics must meat not only demand for an effective storage but also the demand for safe ESD protected storage. Our Silverline concepts, pallet racking as well as shelving system, are manufactured by pre-galvanized steel, and manage these demands.   

The overall most important quality is metal contact between all components of a storage system meant for electronically storage. Pallet racking P90 Silverline as well as shelving system HI280 Silverline are both manufactured of pre-galvanized steel and do have contact between all ingoing parts of the construction. Due to this design we get an antistatic holistic solution. In addition to this we supply a complete range of ESD designed plastic bins based on conductive plastic, polypro pen.   



Electronic components Storage

The concept is based on well known pallet racking P90 Silverline and shelving system HI280 Silverline. Silverline is a quality guarantee mark stating a high degree of conduciveness.

This range, the electronically storage concept, is used within electronic industry where there is a extremely high demand for antistatic safety. The reason for this is that many electronic components are destroyed by electromagnetic discharge and because of this fact need protection against ESD.

  • Pallet racking P90 Silverline can be designed in heights up to 12 m without joints and is available in a large range to full fill different loads and dimensions. (See under heading pallet racking).
  • Shelving system HI280 Silverline available as stationary shelving or mobile shelving. In requested load capacity, height and width. 
  • Silverline is our quality mark for conductive pre-galvanized steel material.
  • Our trays and bins of ESD design are tested according to SP nr 230-09-0124.