Small items racking - Davidsen Håndværkerbutik, Odense

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Small items racking - Davidsen Håndværkerbutik, Odense

In connection to three new warehouses in Odense, Davidsen opened a new craftsman shop. For this shop Constructor has delivered both single and double Hi280 racking.

Davidsens Tømmerhandel A/S is a 100% Danish owned timber yard and DYI centre with 7 shops in region south, for professional and private customers.


The single racks are placed against a wall and reach a height of full 3,5 meters. The racks are both equipped with shelves for storage and perforated plates in which are mounted fittings for hanging up of various tools.

The double racks are placed in the back end of the shop, and are accessible from both sides. The shelves are mounted with intervals that correspond the size of the articles displayed, both small and medium sized.


Running shelf meter: 508
Maximum shelf load: 235 kg, equally distributed
Maximum load per section: 1410 kg, equally distributed