Automotive: Workshop and Garage Storage Solutions

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Garage and Workshop Solutions

Automotive workshops have the requirement to hold a wide range of spares, while storing everything safely, efficiently and easily accessible. 

Balancing the allocation of available space between the storage of spare parts and providing adequate repair space can be difficult. The storage area must be fully optimized and tailored to suit your operation and layout of your building. Our wide variation of solutions help exploit the available space to the fullest, providing support for your operations whilst meeting customer demands.

  • Storage for all your awkward and odd shaped parts 
  • Dense storage for wide variation of articles 
  • Multitier storage available to maximise space
  • Secure and efficient storage for all your tools

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Shelving - For all your small parts

HI280 shelving system is particularly suited for the storage of small items used in an Automotive Workshop. Furthermore, awkward parts such as panels or bumpers require unique storage solutions. The robust HI280 shelving range has a vast assortment of accessories to specifically meet the demands from the Automotive sector. This enables us to provide a tailored storage solution with high space utilization, high accessibility and a good working environment.

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Alternative solution for spare parts & tools storage

Every workshop needs a good solution for storing their spare parts. A storage machine can offer an alternative solution for this, offering 60% increase in component picking and up to 70% reduction in floor space.

Automotive tools can be specialized and costly, so ensuring this is safely stored and easily located is essential.Our storage machines offer fast and secure access reducing lost time searching for the correct tool and providing a damage free storage environment.

  • Store your tools in a central and easily accessible place
  • Easy retrieval and return process of costly workshop tools
  • Improve security with the potential to offer restricted access programmes to designated pick levels
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Efficient tyre storage

The HI280 tyre racking system is ideal for manual handling operations and can also be mounted on mobile bases if floor space is limited.

Offering seasonal tyre storage can expand your service range and could create additional revenue for your business. 

  • Easy manual handling
  • Maintains the quality of the tyre
  • Versatile
  • Available on mobile bases to optimise space
  • Offering a dense storage solution for tyres
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