Product configurations

A wide range of accessories combined with several configurations gives you endless possibilities for your automotive workshop or warehouse. Our long experience combined with the flexibility of our configurations will definitely provide you with what you require.

Below are the most suitable configurations for automotive workshops as well as automotive warehouses.

Single-Tier solutions

Where roof height is limited, the single tier shelving is a good choice as it has a wide range of accessories and shelf loads up to 400kg. The shelving system can be used for storing practically anything in your workshop.


  • Store large quantities
  • Store heavy loads
  • Space for efficient storage
  • Optimim use of space
  • Easy to adjust for changing needs

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Multi-tier solutions

In situations where you need to expand your space, a double or multi-tier layout could be a better solution than an expensive extension of the building. Whether you want to expand your show room in your car dealership or increase the number of working stations in your garage, by installing a HI280 multi-tier system, the full potential of the building could be utilised. Since the HI280 multi-tier is based on the same components there is a full compatibility with all automotive accessories. To fully support your working processes, pallet gates, stairs, special floor surfaces, sprinklers or lighting can be incorporated into the system.


  • High space utilisation
  • Increases storage capacity
  • Lower facility investments
  • Saves time with shorter operation distances
  • Increases picking rates

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Mobile shelving solutions

By mounting the HI280 on mobile units, any workshop will be provided with an optimal compact storage system. Mobile racks could double the storage capacity compared to traditional static shelving. Mobile HI280 is especially efficient in situations where you have to have access to a wide range of small parts, but where your storage space is limited, or where you wish to free up space for other activities. The initial investment is very likely to be a cost-effective solution for your company, compared to an expensive extension. You could even combine the mobile shelving in a multitier installation.


  • Utilisation of space
  • Lower facility investment
  • Double warehouse capacity
  • Prevents unauthorised access through locking devices
  • Easy access to individual items

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HI280 High Raise

In larger storage facilities, such as a central spare parts warehouse, the shelving system can create a good complimentarily storage facility alongside a pallet racking system in order to increase the storage density of the warehouse. With the high rise shelving you can utilize the height of the warehouse. The HI280 high rise provides solutions with high picking frequency and good ergonomics for the co-worker.


  • Increases efficiency
  • Saves space
  • Saves cost
  • Enhances picking procedures
  • Improves picking rates

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Storage Machines

If you are in a situation where you are thinking about expanding your spare parts warehouse, or where your static storage solution needs to be updated, but space is limited then storage machines might be the perfect answer. Depending on your specific situation, a storage machine could be the perfect solution for storing your spare parts, in an efficient high density storage solution capable of handling all those different and sometimes oddly shaped parts is an ideal space saving solution.

A storage machine offers fast ergonomic access, reducing picking times and increasing pick accuracy.


  • Save floor space by over 70% compared to standard storage
  • Improve picking efficiency by up to 60%
  • Prevent unauthorised use and reduce losses
  • Items remain clan and in order
  • Adaptable for a varying range of sizes, weights and shapes

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Standard pallet racking

The Constructor P90 pallet racking system is available in heights up to 30 metres, in a variety of depths and widths, which makes it possible to utilise the full potential of the building. The rack system can be assembled as single or double depth racks, while the robust construction of the system allows the storage of very heavy parts such as engine blocks and car batteries.

P90 pallet racking also has a vast range of accessories to support the storage of automotive components that won't fit on a standard pallet. With accessories like vertical dividers, oddly shaped products such as windscreens and exhaust pipes can be stored in an ideal way. Steel shelves, wire mesh shelving, pallet support bars and shelf dividers can also make the storage of small objects efficient.


  • Multi flexible
  • Perfect accessibility
  • Easy to extend
  • Special automotive accessories available
  • Optimised usage of the available warehouse height
  • High weight storage

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Mobile pallet racking - MOVO

When more storage space is needed, the P90 system can easily be mounted on automated mobile bases, MOVO. This solution also saves time by reducing the picking distances, and possible avoiding the need for an expensive building extension. The electronically controlled MOVO heavy-duty mobile racking system runs on embedded rails and can carry bay loads of up to 24 tons at racking

heights of up to 12 metres. Variable control options ensure ease of use and when the individual aisles are open, state-of-the-art sensor technology guarantees absolute safety.


  • Easy access
  • Saves space
  • Increase storage capacity
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Variable control options
  • Compatible with P90 system and accessories

Read more about our MOVO solution here.

Cantilever - Long goods storage

When you need to store long lengths of pipe, mouldings or other long goods safely and easy to access, a cantilever storage solution could be the ideal solution. Constructor provides a range of cantilever products from light to heavy duty. The cantilever is offered as single sided racks to go against a wall or double sided for central access front and back. Since our cantilever products are fully modular, you can add extra sections as you need them.


  • Ideal system for storing long products
  • Ensures ordered and safe storage of large goods
  • Maximises horizontal storage space
  • Suitable for both interior and outside installations
  • No limitation in regards to the length of the stored products
  • Adjustable arm length and distance between profiles to meet weight requirements of stored goods

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