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Tailor made shelving solutions

Our shelving range has a number of possibilities which can be tailored to meet even the most unusual storage requirements. Equipped with our specially designed Automotive accessories we are able to meet the daily challenges faced by Automotive manufacturers and component suppliers.

The option to combine shelving with a mezzanine floor or offer a multi-tier solution can maximise the height of your storage area. Small parts or odd shaped and bulky items like exhaust pipes are challenges we solve for the Automotive industry on a regular basis.

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Machine storage for Automotive components

A storage machine offers a modern appraoch for picking and storing of all sizes of Automotive products.

This can significantly improve the efficiency of component picking by over 60 % and saves up to 70 % floor space. 

  • Reduction of picking errors by up to two thirds
  • Average picking from machine 120-150 lines per hour
  • More accurate stock inventory
  • Easy to use and connect to ERP and WMS
  • Usage can be tracked by operator
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Pallet storage of heavier items

Pallet racking is an optimal storage solution which can be designed to maximize the height, width and depth of a storage area. Suitable for storing heavy or bulky items that require the usage of a fork lift for picking. Central warehouses or larger warehouses benefit from this type of storage solution, which accommodate bulk storage of spare parts or car components. 

Our range of Automotive accessories enables the storage of items that can be difficult to accommodate on a standard pallet due to their size e.g. windscreens, exhaust pipes or engines.

  • Full accessibility to all items at any time
  • Standard solutions can be customized with specially designed accessories
  • Storage for awkward or odd shaped components
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Increase storage capacity with mobile pallet racking

Mobile pallet racking, MOVO, can increase storage capacity considerably. P90 Pallet Racking is mounted on mobile bases that electronically move to create an access aisle for picking. By removing unecessary aisles this enables you to store more products on a smaller footprint. 


  • Maximum use of floor space
  • 100% access to all individual pallets
  • Modular design offered greater flexibility
  • High density storage
  • For varying sizes of pallets
  • Requires only one truck aisle
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