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Bin2bil, Denmark - Constructor Automotive references

As Bin2bil expanded their business with additional car brands, the company chose to move to new locations, building a new headquarters. This new location merged two previous companies into one, with the associated challenges and opportunities.

The new warehouse has been prepared based on LEAN philosophy and offers spare parts, service kits, tires and tools to 5 different car brands : Ford, Mazda, Volvo , Renault and Dacia.

Workshop manager Kristian Haubjerg says: "We have been out looking at newly constructed garages for inspiration. Basically, we wanted more shelf space, which reflects our storage solution. We have decided to classify the storage by article type, meaning oil filters and air filters etc. are stored together, regardless of brand. However, there are exceptions to every rule. All our spare parts are stored together based entirely in accordance with LEAN principles.  When we pick, it must be done quickly, without too much running About time between the locations and shelves."

The employees of Bin2bil had been preparing for the relocation of the store to the new premises for a long time. All the spare parts had been sorted through whilst having the LEAN principles clear in their minds so that it could  be incorporated in the new store.

Kristian Haubjerg concludes: "In such a large project like this, we naturally collected proposals and prices from other suppliers. But it was important for us to choose a professional partner, and we must say that we worked really well together."

In addition to the new premises, Bin2bil opened a separate tyre hotel where customers winter and summer tyres are stored in sets on pallets. All the tyres are 100% accessible at any time to quickly be retrieved or stored. This saves time that is not only beneficial for Bin2bil, but also for customers who can quickly change tyres - depending on the season.

Facts about the delivery:

Capacity shelving : 1,302 continuous meters of shelving
Load per shelf. 140 kg / 1040 kg – evenly distributed

Capacity tire racks : 768 tyre pallets + 81 Euro pallets = 3396 wheels
Load pr . pallet: 120 kg / 600 kg – evenly distributed.