Wiremesh & Fencing - Schenker Logistics, Sweden

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Wiremesh & Fencing - Schenker Logistics, Sweden

Schenker Logistics AB, at Arlanda airport, close to Stockholm, is the latest investment by Schenker in a 3P-logistic center.

Total storage space of Schenker Logistics in Sweden is now 170.000 m². A fast growing business concept. Schenker is one of the leading companies worldwide within logistic services.

Schenker Logistics AB at Arlanda has today about 20 well known companies/brands to serve with daily shipment from their warehouse. The 3P-logistic concept is a fast expanding business releasing capacity for the customers in order to concentrate on their core activities.


Due to the various character of gods the storage systems are chosen to gods and packing. All customers have “their own” space. The real money saving part of the 3P logistic concept is on the staff side. High staff efficiency. There is no “dead time” at this type of warehouses. The staff can be transferred to other parts of the warehouse with demand for more movements. Some customers have demand for a high degree of security, sensitive products, like i.e. medicine and drugs or products with high value. For this reason we have supplied mesh safety partition system. The storage system, traditional pallet racking Constructor P90 Silverline is for some customers completed with carton flow system and conveyors. Moreover we have installed high rise shelving system HI280 with mesh shelving due to demand for sprinkler functionality.


  • Pallet racking Constructor P90, height 11m and various load bearing capacity. 25.000 pallet locations.
  • High rise shelving system HI280, 10.800 shelves, dim. 1290 x 600 mm. – whereof 10.000 in mesh construction.
  • Picking units 69 pcs including 288 levels. Loading capacity 400 kg/level
  • Roller conveyor systems