Partition & Offices - Storewell, Sweden

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Partition & Offices - Storewell, Sweden

Storewell’s concept is to supply space for temporary usage on short or long term contracts. They had an empty building that required designing to meet their Customer’s demands.

Storewell House was a freestanding empty building. Constructor transformed the building providing split level storage and created separate secure areas available for Storewell’s use.

The solution transformed the empty building into two levels creating 1620 m² by dividing the premises horizontally with the installation of a mezzanine floor, providing a loading capacity of 500 kg/m². 

Access to the second level was available via a staircase or an elevator. Individual spaces were created on both levels by installing a single skin steel movable partition system. This could be easily adjusted to expand or reduce the size of the individual unit to meet the specific customer demands.

Mezzanine floor 810 m². Load bearing capacity 500 kg/m²

A moveable partition system was designed to create room modules from a pre manufactured single steel partition system with special lockable doors.