Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB, Sweden

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Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB, Sweden

Siemens decided to invest and to improve the effectiveness of their department for incoming and outgoing goods, the aim was to reduce risky movements with fork-lift-trucks, but at the same time increase the quality of their in-house environment

Siemens in Finspång is a leading supply company to power stations and turbines all around the world and is renowned as a highly efficient company within its segment of the market. Siemens manufacture, with an almost unbelievable precision, parts such as rotors, spreaders, axels, and shovels for the various types of turbines. 

As part of creating an optimal solution, Constructor Group was contacted to be their partner for material handling solutions. The resulting solution involved a number of electronically driven roller conveyors being constructed; one line for incoming goods and one for outgoing. These lines run in parallel through an air lock which has been especially constructed of noise absorbing and insulating partition system Cassette900. The goods are then transported to a loading roller conveyor and on into the high rise pallet racking installation.

Because of this solution the transportation of goods at the point of entrance is considerably reduced and a safer handling of goods has been attained. An improved in-house environment has also been created for the employees, with a lack of fork lift truck movements.  

Capacity and result:

  • Elimination of gate openings which produced cold air shocks at temperature below -20°C
  • Each roller conveyor is driven by three electric engines. Outgoing transports on the parallel conveyor are programmed for “compact storing” which means the forklift truck can handle 3 pallets at a time.
  • The roller conveyor taking goods into the high rise pallet racking storage installation is reversible, meaning it can run both ways, in and out.
  • The result of this solution has also considerably speeded up the process of inventory.