Partition & Offices - I/S Danlaser, Denmark

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Partition & Offices - I/S Danlaser, Denmark

Through the years Danlaser growth has been ever increasing and as a result more space for production and storage was urgently required.

When new facilities for production were being considered Danlaser worked closely with Constructor on the design of the room.

With the partitioning system Cassette900 14 welding cabins were established. Furthermore, a closed and dustfree welding room was built for welding of stainless steel. Cassette900 has several advantages; being a modular system it is easy to disassemble and reassemble on a new location. It is easy to extend and it provides a strong and stable solution, when used to carry equipment, tools, shelves etc. As Cassette900 is built of non flammable material – steel, plaster and mineral cotton – the fire protection is excellent.

Number of welding: 14
Number of closed welding room: 1