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Dometic, Denmark - Constructor Mezzanine Systems

Dometic Group has its origin in Sweden with roots in Electrolux. The company has for quite some years been among the leading suppliers of comfort products to caravans, mobile homes, boats and cars.

The solution:

Constructor has delivered 2 mezzanine constructions to Dometic, one for the warehouse and one for the workshop. The biggest installation is a Hi280 mezzanine with Hi280 small items racking on the ground floor. Here small spare parts are stored in plastic boxes, thereby exploiting the depth of the rack to its maximum. The 1st floor is used as a showroom, but also has meeting facilities.

To the workshop Constructor has delivered a free standing mezzanine. The installation has been furnished with the modular wall system, Cassette900, on both levels. On the ground floor these walls separate the fine repairs from the truck workshop. The 1st floor of the mezzanine is used partly for training events, partly for storage in small items racking.


The big span mezzanine in the workshop is L shaped and has an area of 115 m2 with a load capacity of 500 kg per square meter.
The warehouse mezzanine has an area of 136 m2 with a load capacity of 500 kg per square meter.
The small items racking has 106 sections with depth 400 mm, 16 sections with depth 600 and 8 sections with depth 1000 = a total of 1033 shelving meter. The load capacity per shelf is 200 kg.