Danske Fragtmænd C-WIS, Denmark

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Danske Fragtmænd C-WIS, Denmark

Even though Danske Fragtmænd’s main business is the day-to-day transportation of parcels and goods, the company also has an increasing focus on offering Danish companies an efficient, temporary warehouse storage facility. Logistics and handling in these facilities are made efficient on a current basis by using C-WIS, which is a unique computer system for optimization of the warehouse flow.

Discovered the unique system
When project manager at Danske Fragtmænd, Calle Nicolaisen, was put in charge of the “insides” of a newly built large warehouse at Århus, it was his goal to optimize the warehouse in all aspects. He was therefore looking everywhere to find knowledge and tools for this purpose. “It was during this process I became aware of Constructors optimization system C-WIS, which provides unknown possibilities of a continuous optimization of the warehouse flow. I can tell you that this system is the only one of its kind, since I have examined the market quite thoroughly, tells project manager Calle Nicolaisen.

The new large warehouse was to replace four warehouses on four different locations. “Among a number of suppliers we chose Constructor as our collaborator and supplier of material handling equipment for our new warehouse. They simply presented us with the most far-seeing ideas and solutions, including particularly the C-WIS analysis tool which looked very
interesting. We wanted a full-scale utilisation of the C-WIS system, and therefore asked Constructor to solely deliver pallet racking which makes it very easy to move around the location of the stored goods. First the goods were stored in the new warehouse according to ”old” knowledge, meaning according to the logic and habits used for storage in the old warehouses.

By means of the C-WIS system we have obtained new knowledge which we have used to relocate quite a number of articles. Thus, we have saved both time for handling and obtained a better quality in our work. Optimization of the goods flow and handling hides a big earning potential. It is this potential that you get to when using C-WIS. “We save processing time and obtain a higher degree of safety and quality in our work, when the articles are placed according to their pick frequency and complementary articles”, tells Calle Nicolaisen.

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