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Basan, Germany - Constructor C-WIS Warehouse Int. Systems

When Basan were planning the size of their new warehouse, it was initially based on just a gut feeling. That was before the C-WIS analysis. The computer simulation of Basan’s future warehouse logistics ended up saving the company more than 20 % of their storage expenses.

The cleanroom garments provider Basan, had been leasing their warehouse for a number of years. The warehouse was situated half an hour’s drive away from the office, which was costly and time-consuming. The distance was also a nuisance for their employees. So Basan decided to build their own warehouse, adjacent to their existing offices. The original plan was to build a warehouse just 70x45 m – based on the general feeling that this would be sufficient.

The solution
Basan invited Brian Hjorth, C-WIS advisor at Dexion Germany onto the project. The first thing he did was a C-WIS analysis of the Basan logistics operations. By examining their current needs and forecasting their potential future needs, based on current trends, they soon realized that a warehouse 70x45 m was insufficient.

Now they could safely make a U-turn, avoid extra expenses later in the loop, and extend the design for their warehouse to 90x45 m. “Anything else would have been a catastrophy to their business”, said Brian Hjorth. “There was too much focus on the size of the warehouse and the potential savings when building smaller, instead of accepting that there was a certain need for floor locations to conduct the actual picking”.