Push Back Racking - Huhtamäki, Finland

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Push Back Racking - Huhtamäki, Finland

The Huhtamäki logistics centre in Hämeenlinna is built up of Drive-in pallet racking and pallet flow racking. This warehouse services North Europe market area.

Huhtamäki is a global packaging company that provides many of the world’s most recognizable consumer packaging and foodservice containers.

Laser controlled automatic forklifts bring products from production direct to the three warehouses. Products are stored in 8,5 metre high drive-in racking in the volume warehouse. Items in picking and quick cyclic warehouse are stored in dynamic pallet flow racking.

Drive-in Racking:
9270 pallet places
Height 8550 mm
Industrial pallet 1000*1200 mm and EUR-pallet 800*1200 mm, max load 540/810 kg

Dynamic pallet flow racking:
2550 pallet places
Height 6500 mm, 3 levels , 10 pallet/line
Industrial pallet and EUR-pallet
Load 150 - 800 kg/pallet

Pallet racking:
3345 pallet places
Height 6000 mm
Floor + 2 levels
Max load 625 kg/pallet