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Aritco Lift, Sweden - Constructor Push Back Racking

When the company last needed to expand the warehouse, they turned toward their regular supplier, Constructor Sweden to collaborate on designing the perfect storage solution. The process leading to the final choice of solution was extensive and lengthy. 

The complete lift is stored on a pallet with special dimensions 1200 x 2400 mm. The lift is placed carefully onto the pallet so that it remains within the outer edges - thus avoiding damage to the coated parts during storage. The pallet is then placed by the truck onto a so-called cart in the rack section. Each section contains three pallet positions in depth, two on carts pushed back as they are filled, and the last cart is standing right onto the beam level.

The solution:

Each pre-assembled lift has a weight of 1.1 tons. In addition to this come the frame of 500 kg and the curve of 600 kg. A special 3-beam solution with an additional beam to support the heavy pallet means that the load is distributed evenly. At the same time back mesh has been mounted on the upper locations in order to prevent that the pallet is pushed inadvertently from the pallet rack. Fredric Gülich says: "We are very pleased with this custom-made storage solution for our finished goods. It is a perfect match for our needs and requirements, and we have received excellent support and assistance from Constructor.

We operate with articles with very specific measures, but this poses no problem with this pushback solution. Previously, all articles were standing on the floor as bulk storage. This meant that we had no real overview and we did not have access to it all. It was very difficult when we needed to pick what was standing at the back end. Another big advantage is that we are covered in terms of storage capacity for years to come. With a company growing rapidly, it is important that we do not need to extend the warehouse yet again. Right now we produce 2,750 lifts a year, and we have storage capacity for 4,000".


Number of pallet places: 126
Number of pushback with rolls: 48
Number of pushback trolleys: 292
Pallet size: 1200 x 2400 mm

About Aritco Lift AB

Aritco Lift AB manufactures lifts for both private and business customers. Since the foundation in 1995, the sale has just been going in one direction: upwards. E.g. Aritco has won the Gazelle Award six years in a row which means that Aritco has now been appointed Super Gazelle. The company has been located at the address in Stockholm for 8 years and the warehouse has been expanded continuously to meet the increasing activity in the two assembly halls. Every 35 minutes a new lift sees light of day, this is how long it takes to collect a lift from start to finish. Aritco has 1,800 article numbers in the warehouse, primarily small items to be assembled into the finished lift. Just as the automotive industry, also Aritco has a keen focus on LEAN processes, and continuously work to reduce the assembly time.