A New Logistics Centre Enhance’s Ponsse Oy's Spare Parts Supply Chain

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A New Logistics Centre Enhance’s Ponsse Oy's Spare Parts Supply Chain

Ponsse Oy is a leading manufacturer of forest machinery located in Finland. Their new logistics centre was built in Iisalmi, approx. 25 kilometres away from the factory.

"We previously had a central warehouse in Iisalmi, however, we wanted to increase our storage capacity and have modern facilities, "says Ponsse Oy's Logistics Manager Jussi Kärkkäinen. The new logistic centre would be the central hub of Ponsses’ spare parts and also responsible for supplying stock to a network of 150 international service teams providing maintenance and spare parts.

To achieve this additional storage space Constructor Finland installed 8 Tornado machines and Pallet Racking at Ponsse’s new logistic centre. 

The new central facilities tripled 

The new 4,500 sq.m logistic centre now provides 42,000 cb.m of storage space and can stock approx. 20,000 articles with room for 7,000 pallet spaces. It is estimated that the new logistics centre now delivers approx. 100,000 separate articles globally each year.

"Our service division was rapidly growing, and the old central warehouse was quickly becoming short of space and capacity. This new warehouse is approximately three times larger than the former. Whilst we acknowledge that forest machines have long life cycles, we appreciate that the rapid availability of spare parts is crucial to the forestry sector and this is why we have seen this accelerated growth”, confirms Kärkkäinen.

Their new logistics centre plays an integral role within Ponsse Oy's by providing a first class maintenance service. Although Ponsse stocks a small amount to supply the immediate area, the logistic centres’ main objective is to provide fast, efficient deliveries around the globe. Today, next day delivery of spare parts can be guaranteed for Sweden and central Europe.

Storage solutions for spare parts and order picking

The construction of a new central warehouse was an important investment for Ponsse, which aims to develop and improve the logistics operations, while maintaining a competitive edge in a challenging market. In addition to the new storage facilities, increasing the security for the spare parts, together with significantly boosting efficiencies will undoubtedly enhance the working conditions of the personnel. When the automation activity increases, the work will be lightened, and at the same time night shift and weekend work can be reduced.

Although Ponsse manufactures large forestry equipment, the maintenance work requires lots of small parts. "Therefore the pallet racking stores the larger spare parts, while the Tornados store the smaller parts. It’s also worth noting that the small parts fit into three different sized plastic boxes, the largest of which is only 60 cm in width”, Kärkkäinen says.

"We already had previous experience with KASTEN Storage Machines", mentions Kärkkäinen.  KASTEN Storage machines are proven to be reliable and effective. "It was important for us to select a domestic supplier for the Storage machines. Then, as and when necessary, the machines can be serviced quickly and back fully operational as quickly as possible, minimising any delays in deliveries."

Operational Efficiency

The installation of the machines and the pallet racking began in spring 2013. “The introduction of new automatic storage systems required a degree of training, however, as a separate control system was provided, this made the training on the automatic storage systems much easier" said Kärkkäinen.

The new logistics centre ensures that the flow of information and material is fully controlled at all stages of the process. A warehouse management system (WMS) also makes it possible to introduce a degree of automation. "The experience has been good. The logistics centre works just as it should," says Kärkkäinen.

Ponsse manufactures an impressive 70% of the spare parts used in forest machines. The Vieremä factory produces a large proportion of these spare parts, while the new logistics centre in Iisalmi is focused on delivering first class service and distributing spare parts to over 150 Ponsse service centres globally.

"Ultimately, this new logistics centre was built because of our desire to continually develop services for our customers," Kärkkäinen says.

Tornado 8 pcs

Height          12 m
Width            4 455 mm
Depth            3 000 mm
Trays/Tornado    65 pcs

Pallet Racking:

Number of Pallet places:  6 748 pcs
Height: 11 000 mm
Upright P 100, beam I140/3600 mm
Levels 11 beam levels

Safety accessories:                  

- Frame protector
- Upright protector
- Tunnel guards