VikingBad, Norway

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VikingBad, Norway

Founded in 2003 VikingBad AS are a Norweigian based distributor of visible plumbing products and outdoor spas.

VikingBad hold an extensive product collection and comprehensive parts inventory, and have experienced continous growth over the years. Today VikingBad holds more than 1500 retailers and is one of countries largest suppliers of bathroom interiors in Norway.

The Requirement

When VikingBad moved into their current premises in 2008, Constructor installed P90 pallet racking and mobile pallet racking together with a modular office.

Constructor recently returned when their warehouse area doubled to 4,000 square metres, as VikingBad needed to increase their pallet location capacity within a smallest footprint as possible.

The Solution

As specialists in both outdoor spas and visible plumbing for bathrooms, such as shower cubicles, mixing taps, washbasins, cabinets, and mirrors,  means that this poses great storage challenges when storing and handling a large number of products which have different weights and size variants which need consideration.

This has therefore created the need to install different storage solutions, due to the vast product range that VikingBad holds and the high volume of article numbers available at any given time.

Constructor therefore recommended multiple storage solutions and installed additional mobile pallet racking, along with P90 pallet racking and a mezzanine floor. Additionally VikingBad also installed a Tornado machine.

By understanding and appreciating each solution, VikingBad have been able to maximise each one perfectly. They use the mobile pallet racking for storing full pallets, while the small spare parts are easily accessed via the Tornado machine, with the larger/heavier items located on the mezzanine floor above.

VikingBad have also designed a special pallet, which allows them to store some larger goods upright and transport these safely to the customer.

These efficiencies enable VikingBad to pick on a daily basis 350 order lines from the P90 pallet racking, and load 6 containers for delivery to the retail network every day.