3PL Speed Group AB focuses on the customer

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3PL Speed Group AB focuses on the customer

It’s not by chance that Speed ​​Group have a statement on a wall in their reception area which reads “For people who want and can do a bit more."

Speed Group are a company that began in 2004 with 20 employees, since then they have gone from strength to strength and today they currently employ approx. 900 staff.

Speed ​​Group are already an establish 3PL in Borås and Gothenburg and in 2012 the company opened an additional office in Varberg.

However they are much more than a standard 3PL as they also offer complete solutions for staffing, recruitment, production, training, logistics and warehousing. The company is a recognised, stable partner, who always has the right knowledge and expertise to help their customers, this was echoed when Speed ​​Group were appointed "Entrepreneur of the Year 2015" in Borås.

Speed ​​Logistics operates across many different types of industries: clothing, paint manufacturing, hydraulic components, machine parts and e-commerce, to name a few. This means that it is a prereqisite that Speed have unique and flexible storage solutions. In the case of more specific solutions, Speed have benefited greatly from Constructor's knowledge and experience of warehouse logistics.

Over a period of many years Constructor has installed various solutions for Speed Group which have included, shelving, cantilever racking and a mezzanine solution for special storage.

The collaboration between Speed ​​Group and Constructor has evolved over time. To date Constructor has delivered over 100,000 sqm. of unique storage solutions which are spread across five separate locations throughout Borås and Gothenburg. Their latest installation was P90 standard pallet racking which was installed at the end of 2015.

This is not "just" about delivering space-saving storage solutions for Speed's different warehouses. In addition to their daily business Speed Group have pioneered “Speed Education” which is a training centre of excellence, located in one of their warehouses that provides various training courses in logistics. Constructor have installed various storage solutions throughout Speed Education, enabling delegates to safely train in a closed and safe warehouse, while familiarising themselves with Constructor’s solutions.  

Peter Johansson, Sales Manager at Constructor says: "We think it is a really good concept Speed have introduced. Here future warehouse employees receive training in a real warehouse environment, which is still shielded from Speed's daily warehouse operations."