Sandvik, Sweden - Pallet Racking

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Sandvik, Sweden - Pallet Racking

Sandvik SMC, moves their European central warehouse to Sweden and invests 30 mil Euros in a highly efficient outdoor storing facility for the heavy mantles constructed for the stone- and mining industry.

Sandvik SMC – Mining and Construction – mould mantles for the mining and construction industry. Those mantles are exported world wide. The mantles are manufactured of a manganese alloy and have a weight of up to 5 tons. The mantles are a “must” detail in order to keep the mining and construction businesses running.   

The project / solution: The total steel consumption is 12.000 tons. By moving the stock back to Sweden from Holland Sandvik reduces the transportation of heavy goods considerable. The stock was before the move located in an outdoor area of 25.000 m2. The solution became a special constructed outdoor racking for heavy goods giving a more effective storage and handling and in addition reduced land area to 10.000 m2.

Result & capacity: The outdoor racking design is based on Constructor pallet racking P90 and have a total length of 85 m and a high tog 4,5 m. The loading capacity is 9000 kg/section. The heaviest mantles are ground standing. All beam levels are supplied with half pallet support of safety reasons. The investment has not only created a considerable better storing and handling of the mantles but also a better environment due to reduced transports.