Pallet Racking Standard - Runsven, Sweden

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Pallet Racking Standard - Runsven, Sweden

Runsven is a private owned group of companies in the consumer field. The key to success is the total control of the logistic flow of products from manufacturer mainly in the far east to retail stores across Sweden. Runsven was closing down regional warehouses and focusing in one central warehouse.

The warehouse is a wide building of 65.000 m² and a total length of 700 m located in direct connection to the railway for future exchange from trucks to train shipments. The warehouse consists of to picking stores and one store for distribution of goods. Total number of pallet locations is 70.000.

Before decision of investing in storage and handling equipment Runsven executed a very close analysis including simulation of goods flow and internal transportation. The choice was between investing in an advanced and costly crane store or a traditional pallet racking installation. All figures pointed at an investment in a solution based on pallet racking.

  • Pallet racking P90 Silverline, frame height 10 m free space under ceiling 11 m. Beam loading capacity 2400 kg. Latest investment 27.700 pallet locations. Totally 70.000.
  • Pallet racking accessories for security: frame protectors, post guards, vertical back stop support, security mesh frames.