Ocay increases daily pick rate, by combining solutions from Constructor

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Ocay increases daily pick rate, by combining solutions from Constructor

With 37 stores throughout Sweden and a webshop which needs servicing, storage is king at Ocay.

Ocay carries 15,000 different product lines including a wide selection of stationary, cleaning and hygiene products, work wear clothing and packaging, through three central warehouses strategically located in Östersund, Helsingborg and Luleå. The warehouses serves private corporate customers, delivering daily to customers throughout Sweden.

The latest central warehouse in Helsingborg, was established in 2014 with Constructor installing pallet racks in combination with pickflow racks and plastic boxes. Warehouse Manager Tommy Pantzar says: "We moved from premises in Angelholm which had become too small, so we began looking for alternative premises. Our attention fell on Rännarbanan in Helsingborg, a building which had been recently vacated. We relocated over 3 day period, closing the warehouse on a Friday and were back fully operational again the following Monday morning, but with twice as much storage space".

The warehouse in Helsingborg is open from 06.00am – 23.00pm and operates two-shift working patterns picking up to 3,000 order lines daily. The warehouse consists of three halls: A, B and C. Hall A and C contains pallet racking, whereas Hall B is equipped with an installation of pallet racks and pickflow frames. Items are stored in plastic boxes which are placed on rollers in a lane. Gravity moves the boxes forward towards the picking area.

Richard Persson from Constructor says: “The storage solution with a combination of pallet racking and pickflow frames was developed in collaboration with Ocay. The starting point was Ocay's needs and desires to daily operation. Together, a solution was reached where the two upper levels of the installation are used for buffer stock and the lower level for picking. Conveyors are mounted in 5 levels all of which can be operated from floor level. The slower moving items are stored in stationary shelving ".