Combined pallet storage and picking on the same pallet location

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Combined pallet storage and picking on the same pallet location

With a special rack configuration from Constructor Harald Nyborg has been able to solve several challenges. Standard pallet racks, combined with shelving, has made it possible to both store bulk palletised goods and to carry out picking in the same warehouse and from the same pallet location.

A standard pallet racking structure is combined with shelving, thus enabling palletised goods to be stored on top level while picking takes place from shelving at floor level. Making the installation even more challenging was a very uneven floor surface, but the racking has been levelled against the sloping floor so that all the racking is in perfect alignment. Both pallet racking and shelving are equipped with anti-collapse mesh in order to prevent goods falling down through the racking/shelving.

  • Number of pallet places: 9612
  • Load capacity racking: 1000 kg / pallet
  • Running shelf meter: 1960
  • Load capacity shelving: 140 kg / shelf

About Harald Nyborg

The large central warehouse in Odense contains no less than 13 halls spread over 20 000 m2. From here Harald Nyborg is servicing 27 Danish stores, their web shop and 10 stores in Sweden.