Pallet flow Racking - Valsemøllen, Denmark

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Pallet flow Racking - Valsemøllen, Denmark

Valsemøllen is a traditional mill that grinds a number of cereals. It operates every day, all year round. The problem is this level of demand creates storage issues.  The storage of their raw goods and all the associated handling operations play a critical part in their business. Efficiency and a smooth work flow, without bottlenecks and double handling, are vital to them.

Valsemøllen had a new 300m2 warehouse, which following our careful review of their processes, now has a well functioning operation which has been carefully matched to Valsemøllen needs for storage and picking.

Constructor delivered 2 pallet flow installations. One installation was 10 pallets deep, the second 6 pallets deep. Both installations have 3 levels and provide a total of 576 pallets.

To secure the racking against truck damage safety guides were installed at the storage and picking ends of the system. Valsemøllen is certified according to the BRC standard which has stringent hygiene requirements. The cleaning operation is a vital part of their daily process therefore we provided tracks that could be tilted in order to facilitate the cleaning of the equipment and the floor underneath.

Warehouse area: 300 m2
Number of picking levels: 3
Total number of pallet spaces: 576
Number of lanes per system: 36